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All National Grain & Feed Association Trade Rules Apply


Payment Terms

You may pay for your product in advance with a wire transfer, credit card, money order or certified check. We may have to estimate the weight for most deliveries.  You will be reimbursed or invoiced, if necessary, based on origin weights.  You may handle all of your purchases through this way.  All initial purchases must be paid for in advance.

Some people may wish to apply for credit.  A credit application will be emailed to you upon request.  It may take up to two weeks to process your credit application.   Your references should be in line with the credit amount that you are requesting.   You will be notified when your application has been processed.  Applying for credit means that you agree to our credit terms.

Our credit policy is as follows: All accounts are due and payable 14 days after date of invoice. If the account remains unpaid on the 15th day following invoicing, a 1.5% finance charge will be assessed. From that period forward all future purchases must be paid at the time of purchase until any and all delinquent charges are paid in full.  reserves the right to discontinue "charge" shipments should your account become past due; if there is an ownership or name change; in the event of bankruptcy; or at any time, for good cause, deems itself insecure.

In the event an account becomes past due,  may collect it through an attorney or a collection agency. If it becomes necessary to collect through such means, the undersigned or agent agrees to pay the past due amount, 18% interest per annum, court costs, and any reasonable attorney’s fees.

I have read carefully  the above terms and conditions and agree to them. By requesting a credit application and applying for credit is my endorsement of financial responsibility, ability and willingness to pay our invoices in accordance with's terms.

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